Saturday, January 30, 2010

Recipe #4: Cheers to a Healthy Happy Heart!

Do you know the symptoms of a heart attack? They are on my mind tonight. Heart attacks remain a top risk for both men & women. However, women’s symptoms can be very different from men’s. We discovered that firsthand this week, as my family experienced this very thing!
Women’s Signs of a Heart Attack:
1. Indigestion
2. Sleep disturbance
3. Weakness in the arms
4. Anxiety
5. Cold sweat
6. Dizziness
7. Unusual fatigue
8. Shortness of breath

Strategies for a Healthy Heart:
1. Be active.
2. Eat a heart-healthy diet.

3. Don’t smoke or use tobacco products.
4. Get regular health screenings.

Back from the hospital, Travis & I created a “healthy heart dinner” tonight and took it to my parents’ house. From the Chico cookbook we selected the Fresh Berry Medley, which was really good with its light, fresh taste. We steamed some green beans & carrots, and for the main dish we created our own fish recipe:
Baked Halibut:
We placed 4 halibut fillets on a piece of tinfoil, sprinkled Bragg's Organic Salt-Free Seasoning (and squeezed a bit of lime), layered some sliced onion, green pepper, & carrots (after boiling the carrots & sautéing the onions/green peppers), included a little olive oil & Smart Balance butter, added another piece of tinfoil over the top, folded the edges with the bottom piece of tinfoil, and baked in preheated oven at 450 degrees for about 20 minutes. (Halibut is an excellent source of high-quality protein & minterals, low in sodium, fat, & calories!)
A very easy & delicious meal! Everyone loved it. After eating, we worked on my parents’ new hummingbird puzzle while watching old home movies of Emigrant Gulch, Old Chico, & my Great Uncle Elvin. He’s such a character! One of my favorites is a documentary a schoolteacher did of Elvin’s life as a gold prospector & animal trapper in the 1970’s. Such a hard (but interesting) lifestyle! And now, in continuing with my mood of the “classics,” I’m about to watch Marilyn Monroe’s Some Like It Hot, while Travis does some leather work...
~Rating of Fresh Berry Medley: 5 stars (out of 10)
~Quote of the day: "Surround yourself with people who respect & treat you well." -Claudia Black
~Music while cooking: Frank Sinatra Live In Concert, & Feng Shui- The Blue Cliff Ensemble.


  1. I also think this must be therapeutic!

  2. I agree; therapeutic! I'm beginning to realize how much I center food around events. So this little project may turn out being a great memoir for this chapter in my life; MEMOIRS OF A WORKING HOUSEWIFE!! :)