Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Recipe #11: Indoor Picnic

Happy Belated V-Day! Okay…. So we’re running a bit behind schedule….. But we didn't want this holiday of love & romance to slip by without a little visit from cupid! We’d planned on doing a picnic, but since we didn’t get around to it ‘til after work today when it was all dark & cold outside, we opted to have it in the comfort of snuggly jammies in our livingroom. Not our first picnic in the livingroom, as this is a great place to avoid the wind & bugs. And a big bonus; we were able to watch American Idol, the Winter Olympics, & even play along with the Newlywed Game (Haha, complete with writing our own answers on signs!) as we nibbled items selected from the cookbook’s Extravagant Picnic section. The Mediterranean Olives were pretty tasty with the baked garlic & peppers, and fairly easy to make too. (The Spanish olives were a bit more tart than the Kalamata ones, but hey, you're supposed to pucker up on Valentines Day, aren'tchya?!) Surrounded by all these OLIVES prompted repeated sayings of "olive juice," which gave me the giggles! Remember Juliette Lewis saying that in place of "I love you" in The Other Sister? We heart that adorable movie! After enjoying a little visit from our friend Jamie (During which my hubby pleaded for some Hamburger Helper. Oh olive juice, Travis, olive juice.), we exchanged valentine gifts and had some french bread, pate, water crackers, & sparkling water, as recommended by the book. Also threw in some olive chips, tomato basil crackers, & a selection of cheeses too to make this picnic complete. All in all, despite Travis' humorous grumblings, the snacky food and serenading American Idol hopefuls turned out to be a cozy Valentines Day -and Ash Wednesday. There's a lot going on this week, isn't there? -*Mwah!*-
~Rating of Mediterranean Olives: 6 stars (out of 10)
~Rating of picnic recommendations: We didn't agree on a rating for this, but came pretty close. I gave them a 7 and Travis gave them a 6. He kinda liked the mushroom pate, but didn't like the lobster & salmon pates. (Which wasn't a surprise really, cause last time I snuck them into a New Year's Day feast, he didn't care for them then either.) He also disliked the mineral water, until we splashed a little dessert wine in it.
~Quote of the day: "Love is like playing the piano. First you must learn to play by the rules, then you must forget the rules & play from your heart." -Author Unknown.

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