Sunday, February 21, 2010

Recipe #12: So You Think You Can Dance

"Anna, do you wanna go to a dance with me?" Well, it was no prom, but it sure was cute to hear my husband mumble those words! Of course this was prior to his work-injury, so by the time this night rolled around, he for sure was in no shape to twist & shout. Regardless, we had a BALL with our buddy Zach! The rodeo beforehand was entertaining, and sparked memories of Travis' bull-riding days. And the band Good Times, well they indeed provided a GOOD TIME! They played down in the arena, which was fun to kick up a little dirt while their concert included some of our favorite Chris LeDoux songs. To get us in the mood for this cowboy night, I had cooked some lamb chops (from Zach's family) and the cookbook's Rosemary Rack of Lamb. Oh wow, I don't know if I can give this meal any justice with words. Buying the book, is worth this recipe alone! The hazelnut crust gives the lamb a hint of sweetness, a special-occassion-taste that is easy to make. You've gotta give it a try, soooo mouth-watering delicious! And well worth the wild goose chase I went on yesterday to find the lamb rack! Amazingly enough, it took 6 stops to finally get some, with each butcher sending me to a new location & a description of how they've been quickly running out of this delicacy. Did everyone in town have Rack of Lamb last night? If so, good choice, cause it was SUPERB!! This is a recipe that will definately be repeated, its a keeper.
~Rating of Rack of Lamb: 9 scrumptious stars (out of 10). -All three of us easily agreed on this high rating.
~Quote of the day: "Whoa take'er easy there, Pilgrim." -John Wayne.

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