Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Recipe #15: Yellowstone Chicken

This recipe is the whole reason I bought the cookbook! I’ve been very anxious to make it, so what better place to give it a try than at the family cabin in Old Chico. What makes this dish so unique is how it uses actual river rocks while baking. Yellowstone River Rocks, to be exact; hence the name Yellowstone Chicken. I grabbed a couple rocks at our ol' fishing spot along the Yellowstone River this particular morning, when running to the Emigrant Store to get a vanilla cappuccino for me & flu medicine for Travis. I of course scrubbed them really well, since Travis was extremely fearful of salmonella! As described in the book, the purpose of pre-heated rocks is to seal in the moisture and flavors of thyme & rosemary by using a short cooking time on a high temperature. And evidently this works! Such a scrumptious meal, just the way I'd imagined. And on a completely different note; is it too morbid, like Silence of the Lambs or Saw horror movies, when we fed leftover chicken to the chickens? They'll eat anything! Even their own, apparently. And trust me, that's as close as we get to anything gory. We can't even sit through an entire scary film.
Before heading home we swung in for a good visit with Uncle Frank in Livingston, MT. We'd made him a plate of chicken, but then worried it sat out too long, so we replaced it with the usual chocolate covered peanuts. He does love chocolate! And I love how he still calls me Bandana Anna after all these years. :)
~Rating of Yellowstone Chicken: 8.5 stars (out of 10)
~Quote of the day: "Love is a canvas furnished by nature & embroidered by imagination." -Voltaire.
~Music while cooking: Emigrant Creek, and Travis snoring during his nap.

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