Friday, March 19, 2010

Recipe #22: Happy Belated St. Paddy's!

Okay, okay. This is the second holiday this year I'm celebrating behind schedule. What's up, 2010? Better late than never, I guess... On the actual St. Patrick's Day I did wear green and had a corned beef & cabbage lunch, so I was off to a good start. But by the time I got home from work, all I wanted to do was play outside instead of slave away in the kitchen! Especially since the news guy kept saying it would be the last of our nice weather for awhile (as it turns out, he was right)... And wouldn't it just be my Irish luck, I got caught in a windy rainstorm a few blocks from our house! Thankfully, my knight in shining armor (Travis) pulled up on his trusty steed (truck) & whisked me back to the safety of our castle (house), where we dined among royalty (our cats) with a fancy meal (spicy sausages)! Thus, ending any ambitions I had for celebrating my smiling Irish eyes. (Especially when I saw America's Next Top Model was on!) So tonight we finished off the St. Paddy theme with Irish Soda Bread, Chico's Walnut-Gorgonzola Salad (its green), grilled deer steaks (they sounded good), and of course, Horns Irish Lager (dyed green). Oh those silly Irish traditions. And, on my way home from work on this belated holiday evening, I picked up some psychadelic flowers to brighten up Travis' medical leave. Unbenownst to me, he'd just finished up his most recent leather project; a gorgeous wallet for me! Well done Travis, well done. Happy Saint Patrick's Day all ye lads & lasses!
~Rating of Walnut-Gorgonzola Salad: 8.5 stars (out of 10). Yeah, it was that good.
~Quote of the day: My husband at the gas station, "Where's your sparkling water section?" "Our what?" says the bewildered cashier. I'm sure she's never been faced with this question before. "I didn't see any Perrier or Calistoga or even any club soda," Travis seemed seriously concerned. "Look man," the gal explains, "we've got plain water, pop, gatorade, & beer. Anything fancier, you won't find it here." Hubby got a plain water.
~Music while cooking: Irish Draft.

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