Saturday, April 10, 2010

Recipes #29 & #30: small town Saturday night

(64 recipes to go.)
We happen to have an abundance of eggs in the fridge, so tonight's meal was geared toward using some of them up. That's how we selected the cookbook's Eggplant Timbale. Its a soufflé, quiche kind of dish. And it used 2 eggs (recipe cut in half). A couple interesting things while cooking this light, creamy sidedish; 1) I'm getting pretty good at removing skin from a bell pepper. (This is the third or fourth recipe now that's allowed me to practice.) And 2) The timbale was baked in a bowl that was submerged in a seperate bowl filled with water. Hmm, definately my first time with that unusual technique.
We accompanied this dish (that I thought was going to be quite a challenge, but ended up being quick & smooth) with STEAK. Yep, like a vampire seeking blood, Travis was having another craving. So we swung into the Meat Palace this afternoon on our way to Pete & Chester's vet appointment. Got some appetizing smoked femur bones for the pups and ginormous sirloin steaks for us (of course this was before the doc instructed Chester to lose 30 pounds- that will be no easy task!). We're trying to remember exactly how Travis prepared these cuts of meat, cause they turned out MOUTH-WATERING DELICIOUS and definately deserve to be repeated! Pretty sure they soaked for about an hour in a marinade of whatever we had on hand; milk, red wine vinegar, soy sauce, jalepeno juice, & worchestershire sauce. Grilled them on the barbie with some Corn on the Cob, and voila, this became an excellent meal to dine on during The Blindside. For as crappy as the week started (stress, sinus infection, & geographic tongue- don't ask), it sure did end well (a lil sushi action, the best steaks Travis has ever made, & my new hair tie arrived in the mail from the fabulous Cynthia- it matches my Puddin' Tane apron!). Hooray for the weekend & uplifting sunshiny weather!
~Rating of Eggplant Timbale: 6 stars (out of 10) from Travis, 7 stars from me.
~Rating of Corn on the Cob: 8 stars (out of 10). Instead of boiling it like the cookbook suggested, we stuck to our personal fave option of grilling it.
~Quote of the day: "Being strong is important. But knowing who you can count on is equally important." -Author Unknown.
~Music while cooking: Erin McDougald's Meeting Place. Long story short; I fell in love with this critically acclaimed jazz singer's voice at The Allerton in Chicago last December. Bought her CD online, but was devastated when it never arrived! Until today. Erin herself has emailed, facebooked, & texted me all week about this situation. And to make up for the delay in receiving her music that I was so excited about, she threw in an extra CD, a couple signed posters, a nice letter, & a check for my money back! She is great!!! Check her out at

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