Sunday, May 2, 2010

Recipe #38 & #39: my happy place

(55 recipes to go.)
Don'tchya just love waking up without an alarm clock, to a day of NOTHING on your agenda?! Hello Saturday! It sure didn't take long to plan a "me day," as I glanced through the Chico cookbook & did some brainstorming. Influenced by the Italian CD I was listening to, I said ARRIVEDERCI to my darling Travis as he went turkey hunting & fishing with his buddies Clayton & Andy, and I hit the SPA! Fantastico idea! Thanks to Sanctuary Spa offering discounts when filling last-minute cancelled slots, I started my weekend off with "becoming the peace you seek," as their brochure proclaims. Aaah yes, quite rejuvenating... Then, continuing with my elevated mood, a turkey sandwich & I headed off to another one of my favorite ways to spend a day; a road trip into the mountains of Red Lodge, MT, while sipping some refreshing lemonade as recommended by the cookbook. (Lemonade = sunny thoughts!) I often find myself in this rustic area. Its only an hour drive, but it really feels like I end up somewhere spectacular. An escape, haven, retreat. Whatever you wanna call it, I always enjoy it! Lots of marvelous memories here, my mind has definately linked it as a "happy place." Also, there's just something therapeutic about driving outa town, isn't there? So I cranked up some tunes (Pink's Funhouse, Rob Zombie's Live, & the Nine soundrack) and let my mind wander as the road eased up, down, all around. I've driven this stretch of highway so many times, I could probably do it with my eyes closed. (Don't worry, I obviously didn't!) I took along my journal & a mandala to color, while continuing to replenish myself with that lemonade. The further south I drove (ending up in Custer National Forest), the better the weather got. -I actually had to shed my jacket!- Travis & I texted each other pictures to compare the climates we were in, as he went north to the Little Snowies. He encountered rain & snow, while I had SUNSHINE! Back at the house before sunset, we traded stories of our day and were about to make Chico's Montana Chicken, when my husband's obsession for steak resurfaced. Therefore, we went out to eat instead and saved the chicken for today. Which turned out to be a better plan anyways because of our impromptu lunch celebrating my mom's early birthday. Accompanied with Maple Cornbread, Honey Butter, veggies, salad, & chocolate pie, this was a meal even my anti-chicken father enjoyed! We did expand on the chicken recipe, as the cookbook pretty much just said rub barbeque seasoning on & bake. We set the chicken on a can filled with brown ale, worchestershire sauce, & liquid smoke, rubbed the bird with Johnny's Seasoning Salt & Tastefully Simple's Grilling Seasoning, stuffed an onion in the top to seal in the vapors, and let it swelter in the oven for a couple hours. If you've never had fowl like this before, I highly recommend it. Its been our favorite way to bake chicken for years.... Mmmm......
~Rating of Montana Chicken: 7.5 stars (ouf of 10)
~Rating of Maple Cornbread & Honey Butter: 7 stars (out of 10)
~Rating of recommended lemonade beverage: 6 stars (out of 10)
~Quote of the day: "Anyone who ever gave you confidence, you owe them a lot." -Truman Capote in Breakfast At Tiffanys.
~Music while cooking: Gary Allan's Tough All Over

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