Thursday, May 20, 2010

Recipe #44: BBQ

(50 recipes to go.)
Lovely BBQ among friends this past weekend! But before I get into that... Remember the Sour Cream Coffee Cake I was gonna make for my mom? (from recipe #40) Well, that simple task turned into quite an event! Loooong story short. It didn't get baked the night I planned, on account of working late, playing bunco, & sitting in the ER with Travis' broken bones! But I did manage to make the batter ahead of time & place it in the fridge. Evidently though, leaving it in a cool space overnight causes it to really thicken. Cause when I baked it at my parents' house the next day, the cup had runneth over!! Batter sizzled on the bottom of Ma's oven, causing CLOUDS of smoke! We really got to laughing, because the air was SO THICK with our "baking experience." The cakes ended up tasting okay.... Just looked less pretty than the one I made last week. Hence, we changed the name to "Blueberry Cowpie."
Also, another noteworthy Chico tidbit; My parents liked the Maple Cornbread & Honey Butter (from Recipe #39) so much, they had me write it down for their friend Bud. Glad they enjoyed it enough to share it!
So... back to the BBQ at hand. It was the first warm weekend of the year! Perfect weather to have friends over for chatting & chowing down. Some of the food had a Fear Factor vibe, which brought out some daring souls! The tripe (cow intestines) was sautéed by Pepe and wrapped in tortillas with salsa. (Don't knock it 'til ya try it!) Zach brought his former pet goat Jerry that tasted like regular steak. (Once we got past the "pet" part, it was really really good.) And we made the cookbook's escargot recipe. (Snails yes, but pop 'em in your mouth with the mushrooms & ham, and you barely even noticed!) Oh we did have less adventurous stuff too (kabobs, burgers, hotdogs, corn, deer sausage, & Chico's rosemary rack of lamb) for those unwilling to slurp up a slimy snail. And of course everyone brought lots of yummy treats, so we had a HUGE smorgasbord of delicious food that was snacked on all night! Whew, SOOOOO full!! We also had a bit of a luau theme going since we mixed up some kava (that we brought back from Fiji last year) for a Fijian Kava Ceremony, and propped our injured Travis in a chair like on the beach of the movie Weekend At Bernie's. Good times, good times.
~Rating of Sour Cream Coffee Cake (repeat from recipe #40): 7 stars (out of 10) from Pa, 8 stars from Ma.
~Rating of Escargot: 7 stars (out of 10)
~Rating of Rosemary Rack of Lamb (repeat from recipes #12 & #27): 9.5 stars (out of 10). This continues to be our favorite Chico recipe, and our dinner guests also raved about it!
~Quote of the day: "Savor the moments that are warm & special & giggly." -Sammy Davis Jr.
~Music while cooking: Funk Volume 2, Don Ho's Tiny Bubbles, & Fiji Rewasese Entertainment Group.

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