Thursday, May 20, 2010

Recipe #45: perennial plants

(49 recipes to go.)
Its asparagus week, friends. That's right, ya know spring is in full swing when those green spears shoot up outa the ground! Each year my coworker brings in bushels of this veggie that she cuts near her house. So last night we celebrated this delightful little treat with the cookbook's Summer Vegetable Medley. Well, minus the scallions since this was an unplanned meal and that was the only ingredient I didn't have on-hand (used shallots instead). And it isn't quite summer yet in semi-rainy Montana, but it sure tasted like it with this fresh dish of corn, asparagus, MORE BUTTER, thyme, shallots, & lemon. Mmm, mmm. Light. Tasty. Easy.
Stay tuned; there's more delicious asparagus recipes coming up in the next few days. (I found an Asparagus French Bread Pizza I'm anxious to try. If its any good, I'll post the recipe!)
~Rating of Summer Vegetable Medley: 7.5 stars (out of 10)
~Quote of the day: "Three words that best describe me: curious, courteous, and um, green." -Junior Asparagus in Veggie Tales.
~Music while cooking: None. But we did watch one of my all-time favorite movies afterwards, La Vita รจ Bella, about a father who uses his imagination to convince his son the Concentration Camp they are in is merely an elaborate game. Such a beautiful, beautiful story.

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