Thursday, June 17, 2010

Recipe #48: Macaroons in Minnesota? NOPE!

(46 recipes to go.)
I knew these Coconut Macaroons would be a challenge. My cousin Erica has been trying to perfect these lil beauties since taking a French cooking class last fall (when she got married at La cathédrale Notre Dame in France). When I asked for advice, she replied with, "Good luck! Don't try to make them if it has been raining, the humidity really makes a mess of them!" So as I baked these precious goodies around midnight one evening, I tried THREE times to make them look how I thought they should look! They kept oozing into one huge mess each time I put them in the oven (see photo), and it wasn't even raining! Well, it wasn't raining at that particular moment anyway. It was pouring earlier; I should have paid closer attention to Erica's advice. Perhaps I'll try them again mid-summer when the weather is super hot and DRY!
In the end, these cookies did taste fantastic, but just looked like a big heap of baked gooeyness all squished together. My hubby isn't a fan of the chewy coconut ingredient; we were planning to take these to our nephew's cowboy-themed graduation party in Minnesota (took mints instead on account of this disaster). But he managed to eat the entire batch after I'd gone to bed!! So evidently presentation was two thumbs down, but flavor was two thumbs UP!!
~Rating of Coconut Macaroons: 3 stars (out of 10) from Travis, 6 stars from me.
~Quote of the day: "Nom Nom Nom." -Cookie Monster.
~Music while cooking: A documentary Travis was watching about addictions.

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