Friday, July 30, 2010

Recipe #55: mountain man rendezvous

(39 recipes to go.)
Leading up to Travis' birthday extravaganza, we watched Lonesome Dove to get us in the mood for some frontier action. Then, celebrated at the Mountain Man Rendezvous in Red Lodge, MT! Steppin' back in time, we spent the entire weekend in the 1840's. Not only did we dress the part, but we stayed in character the entire time! No watches, no lawnchairs, nothing. Travis lived out his Jeremiah Johnson dream!
Continuing with the rustic-themed birthday week, I made Chico's Orange-Glazed Quail with Pecan Cornbread Stuffing for a quaint dinner. Quail, by the way, is not easy to find. Here's a piece of advice when searching for this dainty bird; 1) specify you DON'T want it alive, and 2) you DO want it for human consumption! -Apparently its a common treat for pet snakes! Finally, we were able to order it at Fossil Farms. (Also got some alligator meat from this website, being as we've been wanting to give it a try for awhile now. Just fried it up and it was actually not too bad! Texture & flavor of this high-protein meat is exactly like a PORK CHOP.) Since I'd already made the Chicken Stock beforehand (in recipe #54), I simply unthawed it and added it to the Maple Cornbread stuffing & other ingredients to make the quail dish. No stranger to this cornbread, its delicious and we've referred to it in recipes #39, #44, & #51. Baking this bread made me chuckle as I thought of what Jackyl's lead singer (Jesse James Dupree) said during last week's concert, "Ya know a woman really loves you if she makes a big batch of cornbread for ya!" Overall, this adventurous meal was pretty good... Although Travis just couldn't get past the LIZARD part when eating the alligator! The quail tasted kinda like a gamehen, and the miniature drumsticks cracked me up!
Perfect 34th celebration for this mountain man birthday boy. (And that little stinker saw his birthday present came from Crazy Crow Trading Post, and spent an entire month on their website trying to figure out what he got!) On his actual birthday my parents took us out to eat at Red Lobster, where we also celebrated their 46th wedding anniversary. After a week of quail, alligator, & campfire meals, some shrimp & crab fit well into our festivities! Happy Birthday Babe!
~Rating of Orange-Glazed Quail: 8 stars (out of 10)
~Rating of Maple Cornbread in the pecan stuffing: 8 stars (out of 10)
~Rating of Chicken Stock: 7 stars (out of 10)
~Quotes of the day: "The only healthy way to live life is to learn to like all the little everyday things, like a sip of good whiskey in the evening, a soft bed, a glass of buttermilk, or a feisty gentleman like myself." -Gus in Lonesome Dove. "I can skin 'em as fast as you can catch 'em." -Jeremiah Johnson.
~Music while cooking: Best of The Kentucky Headhunters, & Jimmy's Chicken Shack's Bring Your Own Stereo

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