Sunday, August 1, 2010

Recipe #57: mountain man rendezvous part deux

(37 recipes to go.)
With a lot on today's agenda, we worked around Travis' job & a quick photo shoot (where we became an old-time photo for our friends' daughter's upcoming treasure hunting party) to make the cookbook's Chilled Herb-Roasted Chicken for this week's lunches. Light, tasty, & easy. I sampled some while making tomorrow's sandwiches. The highlight of this action-packed afternoon was a trip back up to the Mountain Man Rendezvous where Travis received a 1st place finish in the black powder shoot AND won a raffle prize (he got a rum measurer & a fantastic spear). From this, he received a new camp nickname; Lucky. Combined with last week's nickname (they called us Mr. & Mrs. Bacon for Travis' hunting skills bringing home the bacon & me frying it up), we now call him LUCKY BACON! Ha, I love it! My parents joined us in the events and it was fun to introduce them to our new mountain man friends as we shopped along Traders Row. Afterwards, Travis & I headed to one of my favorite places to eat, The Red Box Car in Red Lodge, where we again received strange looks for our Little House On The Prairie attire! We ate our buffalo burgers on a shady picnic table along Rock Creek, and it made me wish the weekend didn't have to end... I guess I have the Chilled Herb-Roasted Chicken Sandwiches to look forward to... Mondays just show up way too fast!!
~Rating of Chilled Herb-Roasted Chicken: 7.5 stars (out of 10)
~Quote of the day: "Laughter is an instant vacation." -Milton Berle
~Music while cooking: Jackyl's When Moonshine & Dynamite Collide

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