Sunday, September 12, 2010

Recipe #64: Football season has begun!

(30 recipes to go.)
Well, my Fantasy Football isn't off to a great start... But a day of hanging out on the couch, after a quick hike, was well received! We've had such an active social calendar lately, so today was an appreciative day of unwinding. Yesterday's agenda held the second party I hosted this week, as Paige, Laura, & I very excitedly threw Cristin's nautical-themed baby shower! From the swedish fish dangling on mini fishing poles to the ocean-like punch to the HUGE display of food & ADORABLE cake, each swashbuckling detail came together very well. Aye Aye Captain! The festivities were a joyful success!!
This afternoon, amidst chilling in the livingroom & snuggling with my kitties, I made the cookbook's Lemon Pudding Cake With Dried Cherry Compote. Really, really super sweet. But good in small portions. I'm snacking on some right now and about to catch MTV's Video Music Awards, which is bound to be entertaining. Glad I'm getting a little R & R before starting the work-week... Its gonna be a hectic one!
~Rating of Lemon Pudding Cake With Dried Cherry Compote: 6 stars (out of 10).
~Quote of the day: "Friends are like bras: Close to your heart and there for support." -Author Unknown.
~Music while cooking: Jacksonville Jaguars beating the Denver Broncos.

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