Monday, November 1, 2010

Recipe #72: ghost hunting

(22 recipes to go.)
Insightful excerpts throughout the Chico Cookbook is something that really grabbed my attention when buying it. We've read all about movie stars that frequent the establishment, how Chico got its name, seasonal activities, the mineral pool's "curative powers." And one particularly interesting write-up is all about the GHOST that lives there! Percie Knowles, one of the original owners of Chico, is described as a prim-looking older woman who smells like lilacs and appears in the historic hotel on late winter nights. We have yet to see her, but next time we go, we intend to do some hunting around!
So in honor of "Percie," I became a ghost during Friday's downtown historic haunting tour on Halloween Weekend. Quite an excursion with the mysterious storytelling. We were told about China Alley's cleverly disguised opium dens, rumrunners and ghostly ladies of the night, the murder of a policeman, & Billings’ one-and-only lynching. And Travis made us laugh with his ghostly encounter when he used the restroom while learning about a ghost named "Buck" at The Rex. --The toilet flushed all by itself! Haha. Then, the next day we ate at The Dude Rancher where "Annabelle The Ghost" frequents-- and she did help Travis select a burger from the menu! (That silly guy.)
The dress-up holiday continued, of course, as Saturday I was my own interpretation of Eat Pray Love for the "Hips & Crypts Bellydancing." (Complete with spaghetti sauce dribbled on my bib for EAT, rosary beads for PRAY, & lip prints on my cheeks for LOVE.) And on Halloween Sunday, we whipped up Chico's crème brulée and dressed as Viking Fans!! Travis transformed into our favorite quarterback, Brett Favre-- since we just couldn't resist a lil spoof on Grandpa Favre's age, tendonitis elbow, fractured ankle, & stitched-up chin. He's quite a trooper, that ol' gunslinger.
~Rating of Crème Brulée: 4 stars (out of 10). Mr. Favre & I didn't particularly care for it. The taste of brandy was really STRONG! If I ever make this again, I won't use as much as the recipe calls for.
~Quote of the day: "I would love to play, for no other reason but I'm in this, committed to this team." -Brett Favre

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