Monday, January 10, 2011

Recipe #79: grouse in the house

(15 recipes to go.)
Well, I'm sure it goes without saying... Cooking an entire cookbook, also means EATING an entire cookbook! With just 15 recipes to go, our waistlines (and pocket book) are thinking, "Isn't it about time to wrap this lil project up??"
This week's recipe though, happened to be LIGHT, in both calories & dollars! Roasted Poultry. The recipe called for pheasant, but we used grouse. Grouse, Travis got while hunting with my mom, dad, & Uncle Don this fall. SO DELICIOUS!!! It easily became one of my favorite Chico meals. And, we noticed the marinade of olive oil, lemons, & herbs is similar to the Rosemary Rack of Lamb recipe we dearly love (referred to in Recipes #12, #27, & #44), so we plan on trying it with various other meats as well.
One important thing I must remind myself when making this poultry recipe again... When it says heat oil until its ABOUT to start smoking, don't test the wait period. I was elbow-deep in my spice cupboard when all of a SUDDEN the entire upstairs was completely filled with THICK SMOKE. I had to open the windows- in the middle of winter- and take refuge in the basement as my red eyes had water squirting out like they'd been rubbed with onion! When my husband woke, he asked "Why does it smell like a rendering plant in here?" I YI YI.
Oh and, another noteworthy tidbit. This grouse meal is the first recipe I used with my new cookbook stand from Cristin. How did I ever survive without this beautiful piece of FUNCTIONAL art before? Maybe now I won't slop big ol' messes all over my cookbook! I highly recommend y'all give one a try.
And my final thought for today; the Football Finale. Our Pigskin Pick'em Pool ended with Sue & I tied for 6th place, Travis in 23rd. What a fun season! Here's a pic of me (in my Percy Harvin jersey) with Brett Favre (in cut-out & on TV) during the last game of his career. MN lost to the Lions that day, as Ol' Gunslinger stood on the sideline with a concussion. No playoffs for us this year. It wasn't a great season for
the Vikes (compared to last year's AWESOMENESS!-- see other photo), but the Silver Fox wrapped up his 20th season with some impressive stats, including 508 touchdown passes & 297 consecutive starts. Pretty amazing.
~Rating of Roasted Grouse: 9 stars (out of 10)
~Quote of the day: "Its been a wonderful ride." -Brett Favre
~Music while cooking: Guns N Roses Live Era '87-'93

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