Thursday, January 6, 2011

Viva La Vino!

The Chico Cookbook has a wonderful section titled "Winning Wines." They describe their wine list as "laced with unusual jewels and hard-to-find vintages," and have won the "Award of Excellence" in the coveted Wine Spectator Magazine for four years since 1999. (Of course it is possible additional winnings have been achieved after the 2003 publishing of this book.) We enjoyed the sampling of some wine suggestions in Recipe #51, and purchased another two for the holidays; Archery Summit Pinot Noir and Veuve Cliquot Brut Champagne. (Tried to order the Zenato Amarone- a red wine- for my birthday, but Simply Wine's distributor said they no longer carry it.)
We took the Archery Summit Pinot Noir with us to a family Christmas vacation in Las Vegas. Shared the bottle between Travis, his mom, sister Shannon, brother-in-law Laurence, and myself while watching the Vikings beat the Eagles on TV (after a fantastic, fresh air, rustic day at The Grand Canyon). Very smooth. Very delicious.
Popped the Veuve Cliquot Brut Champagne at our friend Jamie's house on New Year's Eve. This was NOT a fan favorite though. First off, it was extreeeeemely difficult for me to reach past the $6 champagne for the SIXTY DOLLAR Brut at Albertsons. I don't even really like champagne, but figured I'd give it a try since Chico is so well-known for its bottles. Then, after splitting it among all of us at the houseparty, we only ended up with a shot a piece. --But that actually turned out to be a good thing, cause as Dick Clark counted from 10 to 1 on TV, we took a swig and our faces immediately puckered up with the icky tartness of the champagne. Won't be buying that again.
Happy New Year! 2011 shall be a joyous year, I'm sure of it! :)
~Rating of Archery Summit Pinot Noir: 9 stars (out of 10)
~Rating of Veuve Cliquot Brut Champagne: 1 star (out of 10)
~Quote of the day: "I can sit & write poetry 'til hell freezes over, and get attached to any particular set of words." -Axl Rose (I'm in the middle of reading The Saga of Guns N Roses, and it is quite interesting!)
~Music while sipping: chatter

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